A New Brunswick that is the top vacation destination in Atlantic Canada. A place that is a constant magnet for visitors from all over the world. When people experience everything that we have to offer, they want to stay longer. Maybe even a lifetime.

A place where young people see opportunity and want to put down roots. Where international students find belonging and encourage their friends and family to join. Where New Brunswickers have a strong pride of place and enjoy the abundance of our province. Where people return home to see loved ones and decide to stay to build businesses and enjoy a quality of life that is truly unsurpassed. Where people love New Brunswick because they feel a connection, with a person, with nature, with culture, or with an experience of a specific community.

New Brunswick has an abundance of beauty to enjoy year-round from mountains and rivers to world-class performance venues, breathtaking parks, and beaches on the highest tides in the world. Once visitors have experienced the authenticity of New Brunswick, we are confident they will come back for more and share that experience with the world.

It is up to us to share the possibilities and extend a welcoming embrace. It is up to us to dream BIG!

The Invitation Goal

  • Increase visitation to New Brunswick
  • Grow population and labour force
  • Improve how people view New Brunswick as a place to live and as a tourism destination

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