Government of New Brunswick

If you wish to file a complaint about discrimination or harassment in New Brunswick, you must use the complaint form approved by the Commission.

Usually, complaints can only be filed about incidents that happened within the last 12 months, or if a continuing violation is alleged, within one year of the last alleged incident of the violation.

If you need guidance to complete the form, please contact the Commission by phone 1-888-471-2233 (toll-free) or by E-mail: [email protected].

You don't need to give your name when contacting initially, but it is not possible to file a complaint anonymously.

When you contact us, our staff will discuss how the New Brunswick Human Rights Act may or may not apply to your situation. The staff can also explain the human rights complaint process. To find out more about the complaint process, please consult the following resources:   Introduction to Grounds of Discrimination and  Introduction to areas of discrimination.



To complete the forms, you need to download   each form (A,B,C & D)
and fill them out using free Adobe Reader software. You will need to send them back to [email protected]

Do not use browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari or Explorer, etc. to complete the forms .