Government of New Brunswick

Take the Self-Assessment Questionnaire (adapted from the Police Sector Council) to help you determine your suitability for a career in policing. Answer yes or no to each statement.

1. I am physically fit, emotionally stable and responsible.    
2. I am respectful of the law.    
3. My lifestyle is one that exhibits high moral character.    
4. I always act respectfully and sensitively with others.    
5. I am able to work with all kinds of people in a variety of situations.    
6. I am sincerely interested in helping people.    
7. I am equally comfortable with people from different cultures and backgrounds.    
8. I have self-confidence to be assertive when the situation demands it.    
9. In the face of uncertainty, I can make necessary decisions.    
10. I have demonstrated leadership qualities.    
11. I am committed to achieving goals.    
12. I am able to work with others to identify their needs.    
13. I am able to take the initiative and enthusiastically strive to do an outstanding job.    
14. I enjoy working as part of a team.    
15. I am just as comfortable working alone as in a team environment.    
16. I can adjust my behaviour through periods of ambiguity, stress and uncertainty.    
17. I am the type of person who seeks out challenge.    
18. I am prepared to work in all types of weather conditions.    
19. I am willing to work shifts, including evenings, nights and weekends at any time of the year.    
20. I have considered the impact that shift work will have on my family and me.    
21. My moral, philosophical or religious beliefs would not prevent me from using deadly force if required.    
22. I have no medical conditions that will limit my ability to do police work.    
23. I am able to use my own initiative and work with a minimum amount of supervision.    
24. My experience reflects an ongoing interest in serving my community.    

If you answered yes to the above statements then you are ready for the exciting world of policing.