Government of New Brunswick


Policing is a fast-paced, exciting career that will take you out of the 9 to 5 routine and put you in the middle of the action. No two shifts are alike. The people you meet and the situations you encounter will constantly change. Everyday is a new experience, and a new opportunity to make a difference. Excitement is guaranteed.


Policing is a diverse profession that will give you exciting opportunities to pursue your interests. As you gain experience, your career adventure could have you working in the following areas:

  • Traffic / Patrol
  • Collision Reconstruction
  • Emergency Response Teams
  • Drug Enforcement
  • Polygraph
  • Canine Units
  • Major Crime Investigation
  • Criminal Intelligence
  • Forensic Identification
  • Street Crime / Undercover
  • Fraud
  • Explosive Disposal
  • School Liaison
  • Computer / Internet
  • CrimeVictim / Witness
  • Underwater Recovery
  • Marine
  • Community Services


As a police officer, you will feel proud to be a part of the team that provides a professional and valued service to your community. You will gain the trust, respect, and admiration of the citizens you serve and protect. Policing will give you the opportunity to do meaningful work that affects peoples’ lives, and see the results. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Personal and Professional Growth

Policing is a demanding and challenging career that requires continuous learning. Police cadet training and in-service training will give you the knowledge and skills to excel with confidence. And the skills you acquire as a police officer are transferable to other occupations, professions, and countries. Examples of the types of in-service training courses available at the Atlantic Police Academy in Summerside, and the Canadian Police College in Ottawa include: Advanced Police Science; Criminal Case Management; Executive Leadership; Forensic Interviewing; Internet Crime; Supervisor Level 2; Accident Investigation Levels 2 & 3; Collision/Crime Scene Investigation; Basic Bloodstain Pattern Recognition; Clandestine Laboratories Investigations; Computer Forensic Investigator; Major Crime Investigations; and Drug Investigative Techniques to list a few.

Career Advancement Opportunities

Policing offers many promotional opportunities to higher ranks. Your hard work and dedication will help you get the recognition you deserve.


The starting salary of a police constable employed by either the RCMP or a municipal/regional police force in New Brunswick is $40,000 – $50,000 annually. After 4 years, your annual salary will increase incrementally to $54,000 – $72,000.


As a full-time employee of a municipal / regional police force in New Brunswick, or a regular member RCMP officer, you may be entitled to the benefits below. Check with the police force to which you are applying for more information.

  • Paid Vacation (2-3 weeks)
  • Overtime Pay
  • Supplied Uniform
  • Job Security
  • Family Health Plan
  • Medical and Dental Plan
  • Maternity / Parental Leave
  • Group Life Insurance (optional)
  • Sick Leave and Long Term Disability Coverage
  • Pension Plan